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This site is owned and managed by Internet Booking Engine and this Privacy Policy is mainly designed to help individuals better understand our means of getting, collecting and using personal information and details that they wanted to share with us. This policy is also created to help you come up with the most informed decision especially when utilizing our exclusive services. You are advised to read the entire Privacy Policy before submitting or using information to our website.

Your privacy matters to use so we always make sure that all information provided to us will be treated with respect and confidentiality. We do believe that you deserve to decide on what particular type of information you wish to share with us. We respect the security and privacy of each and every client and we render comprehensive information for you to clearly understand how we gather and use your personally identifiable information.

It pays to read and understand this policy and all the valuable information therein to learn not just about our processes of collecting information but also our best practices in connection with managing or storing your personal information or data.

The Information Gathered from You

All information that we obtain from you is not gathered without your permission and knowledge. We also collect your personal information by filling any form on our site. This may include information that you secure to us during the time you register on our site, avail for our services or demand requests for additional services.

The Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

The information that we receive from you and all our other clients will help us in bringing the best possible services for you. It is highly imperative to provide only the real information or fulfill online forms accurately and quickly. This enable to us to learn ways on how to improve your experiences with us and ensure that we are meeting your specific needs and requirements.

We may utilize your personal information to deliver unmatched services that matches needs. We might also collect and use this information when conducting surveys to continuously give you and all our valued clients with the most ideal service they truly require.

Policy Changes

We may decide to revise, alter or modify our Privacy Policy anytime with no further notice. You are advised to always check on our site and see recent updates and changes so that you will be well informed about the changes we make not just in our policy but our website as well. Such revisions or alterations will take effect on the given date. We also send notifications of all the changes we have made to keep you updated. It is essential to remember that our new policy is applicable for both current and past website users.

Your continued use of our site will signify your acceptance of the practices described in the newest version of our Privacy Policy. We take all the reasonable precautions and steps to safeguard your information from any loss, alteration, misuse, disclosure and unauthorized access.

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