Flight Booking Engine can develop and connect systems with Travelport and Worldspan Classic APIs. Connect Worldspan XML Pro with your systems and get an effective and easy global distribution system interface connection. Worldspan XML Pro is a messaging platform designed for travel companies that aim to interface and connect their travel apps with the Travelport Worldspan GDS. Once customers with extensively varying connectivity needs and business models connect Worldspan Booking Engine with their apps, they can use the internet to execute this economical, fast connection between the GDS and their back-office systems, internet booking engines, third-party apps and more.

Worldspan Booking Engine is a tested and established information exchange tool for one's travel applications and supporting their technology needs. It allows you to make advanced e-commerce opportunities and improve your income sources. The complete online SDK (Software Development Kit) of Worldspan web services supports you in implementing, customising and learning the finest solutions for travel applications.

What Can Worldspan XML Pro Offer?

> Widest reach. Connect Worldspan UAPi with your travel applications and benefit from constant expansions of distribution channels and content. Add innovative functionality and expand global content access to meet the needs of increasing distribution channels.

> Lower total expenses. Lower your total infrastructure, maintenance and development costs.

> Unlimited flexibility. Get the broadest range of industry leading functionality and content. All Worldspan content, technology and technology are available.

> Strong partnership. Developers are given industry leading online resources and tools. Continual improvement of references and tools for the external and internal developer community is also ensured.

> Fast implementation. Robust eCommerce infrastructure is available. Connect Worldspan Booking System with your own system and perform well-refined support and implementation practices.

Travel distributors and companies can be Worldspan Wired through XML Pro technology. The information exchange tool is completely supported by Worldspan for companies aiming to create and interface their travel applications with the Worldspan GDS through the web. Increasing numbers of successful online travel companies, travel distributors and airlines are using Worldspan XML Pro. It is proven in creating e-commerce opportunities and boosting travel revenue sources, transaction and distribution processing capabilities.

Connect Worldspan XML Pro with your travel apps and get a comprehensive message library to send and get structured data and requests from the Worldspan system. The need for translating Worldspan global distribution system formats and screen scraping is eliminated. Full functionality is accessible for managing car, hotel and air reservations, pricing functions, fares and more. The library also comprises Worldspan e-Pricing functionality, the leading option for low-fare search solutions. More than that, you are able to focus your efforts on distinguishing your travel offerings in the market and enhancing the travel buying experience of your clients.

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