Travelport (Galileo)

Are you using different connectivity tools and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to shop, book and access travel content from various sources? If you are, Travelport Galileo can significantly improve your experience. Travelport Universal API is the first universal API in the GDS industry, providing you with access to a world of functionality and content through one API connection. The API gathers data from its travel commerce platform, including airline merchandising, ancillary, airfare, rail, hotels and car content. The information is made available to developers allowing them to make their own travel apps through one connection.

It also allows developers to integrate and access multiple content sources through writing code to just one solution, thus letting travel agencies efficiently and immediately create and distinguish their offering. The technology can run together with your current API solutions for a low-risk and efficient implementation. Having access to global low cost carriers, multi-source content and high speed rail providers through one online uAPI engine can help in clearing the clutter of several programming interfaces and save valuable money and time at the same time.

With Travelport booking engine, you can make the travel supply chain more efficient, cut back software development expenses, improve efficiency and speed up delivery of desktop solutions, mobile applications or travel related apps for deployment online. uAPI offers complete travel content that allows customers to receive more complete offerings, letting you maximize revenue opportunities and customer satisfaction. Travelport's Galileo Flight Booking Engine aggregates booking and shopping capabilities in one and smooth user experience.

Benefits of Galileo Webservices

Online Galileo Booking Engine allows you to effortlessly integrate apps with Travelport Galileo GDS to build efficient web-based and desktop applications. Regardless of your connectivity needs or business models, Galileo Booking Engine allows you to use the internet to apply this reasonably-priced, fast connection between your back-office systems, third-party applications and internet booking engines and the global distribution system. The booking engine offers the following benefits:

> Allows you to flawlessly incorporate applications with Travelport Galileo in order to create sophisticated online- based and desktop booking apps

> Offers direct access to Travelport Galileo functionality and content

> Expedites the time to promote new products, providing you with a valuable competitive edge

> No additional software installation is needed

> Provides total platform independence

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