Sabre APIs, previously recognized as Sabre web services, offer faster, more flexible and easier access to the Sabre Booking System products and functionality. Integrating their services and products with your own databases and applications is easy through the web. All the functionality required to sell travel will be yours when you connect Sabre booking system with your own travel applications. Sabre APIs are great for developers who would like to update or build a customised booking app for their website or utilize Sabre content in another app.

Features of Sabre APIs

Coordinated Services

Orchestrated services supplement the main web services. It is designed to perform generally conducted business functions in one service call that reduces a customer's IT processing cost and streamlines application development. Orchestrated services can help perform faster application development it uses a single service call that performs various services a developer would usually need to execute separately.

Dedicated DRC (Developer Resource Centre)

Developing applications using APIs includes access to a website that offers information for utilising APIs, including an easy way to get the newest services via a repository that consists of a comprehensive directory of documentation and services to use them.

Core Services

You are given access to a range of different travel services as there are more than 80 web services available to pick from once you connect Sabre Flight Booking Engine with your travel applications. As developments in technology happen, you need lower cost and easier ways to create your own booking, databases and systems. It's also important to have the flexibility and easy access to incorporate travel content with your databases and systems. To stand out and obtain a competitive edge, you should be able to get your offerings to market fast. Using APIs can help you do this. It also makes it easier to update or create a comprehensive travel booking site that meets your business requirements and needs. APIs are also supported by technologies designed by OpenTravel Alliance with the use of APIs' standard technology standards backed by IBM, Microsoft and Sun. These standards allow various systems to talk to one another using a single interface.

Event Notification Services

ENS (Event Notification Services) is an elective set of services provided as part of the product offering of APIs. These services let you subscribe to some events about certain travel information published through Sabre's subscribe/publish infrastructure over the web. ENS is based on WS-Eventing, Web Services Eventing or an industry standard. Once changes are noticed to travel information for which a customer has a subscription, the service will automatically send them a notification about it. Event Notification Services significantly reduces mid-office robotic polling.

Availability and Access

APIs are available in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Asia Pacific. It also has with supporting documentation available in Spanish, Italian, English, Portuguese, German and French.

Support and Training

Customers are given access to continuous support through Sabre's call centre to report production and operational-critical issues. The support desk is also available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. interested individuals can also send their email requests anytime.

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