Amadeus Flight Booking Engine is designed for travel agencies aiming to make their own travel products instead of utilizing off-the-shelf solutions. Using the Amadeus Booking System, you can create your own customised apps that connect to a secure and steady dialogue with Amadeus GDS (Global Distribution System).

This tool is easy and fast to set up, requiring just the support of high quality off-the-shelf software and communication protocols. The best thing is that once you connect Amadeus Flight Booking Engine with your system, you will be able to connect to and access their range of GDS content, which includes over 116 insurance companies, 95 percent of scheduled airlines seats in the world, more than 50 ferry and cruise lines, over 87,000 hotel properties, more than 100 railway operators, 30 car rental companies and over 200 tour operators. Connect Amadeus Booking Engine with your travel applications.

Features of Amadeus Web Services

Amadeus Web Services delivers Amadeus functionalities through XML/ SOAP messages. It lets you incorporate travel-related functionalities into applications you want to make or already have like a website, robotic tool, corporate self-booking tool or booking engine. The newest generation technology provides you with unequalled connectivity from one point of access to the whole range of content offered by Amadeus. It provides you with a cost-effective means of building and updating your own travel booking applications. It's easy to implement and connect Amadeus Booking System with your current systems, so you're assured that you'll always have an edge over your competitors.

> Strong programming environment helps create efficient and stable apps and backwards compatibility with future versions of API Proxy

> EDIFACT structured messages eliminate string or screen parsing

> Amadeus GDS access provides connection to airlines using car rental companies, Amadeus, hotel chains, rail providers, insurance, cruise, ferry.

> Certification - A dedicated team provides professional development support.

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