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Based on the business requirements, we can quickly and easily develop and connect client’s system with GDSs


Amadeus Flight Booking Engine is designed for travel agencies aiming to make their own travel products instead of utilizing off-the-shelf solutions. Using the Amadeus Booking System, you can create your own customised apps that connect to a secure and steady dialogue with Amadeus GDS (Global Distribution System).

Travelport (Galileo)

Are you using different connectivity tools and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to shop, book and access travel content from various sources? If you are, Travelport Galileo can significantly improve your experience. Travelport Universal API is the first universal API in the GDS industry, providing you with access to a world of functionality and content through one API connection. The API gathers data from its travel commerce platform, including airline merchandising, ancillary, airfare, rail, hotels and car content.


Sabre APIs, previously recognized as Sabre web services, offer faster, more flexible and easier access to the Sabre Booking System products and functionality. Integrating their services and products with your own databases and applications is easy through the web. All the functionality required to sell travel will be yours when you connect Sabre booking system with your own travel applications.


Flight Booking Engine can develop and connect systems with Travelport and Worldspan Classic APIs. Connect Worldspan XML Pro with your systems and get an effective and easy global distribution system interface connection. Worldspan XML Pro is a messaging platform designed for travel companies that aim to interface and connect their travel apps with the Travelport Worldspan GDS.

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We have years of experience in working with following Global Distribution Systems (GDS), so based on the business requirements, we can quickly and easily develop and connect client’s system with any of the following or all of these GDSs

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